What does it mean to be a GODFATHER – GODMOTHER of EL ALMENDRO?

  • Your regular charity donations will enable us to continue our task which entails prevention, emotional support and social reinsertion of many children and adolescents as well as their families and teachers.
  • As GODFATHER – GODMOTHER you will be contributing in the recovery of children and adolescents who are under a risk situation, helping in their social and personal development.
  • Our Association is financed with the voluntary contributions from individuals, corporations, privately-owned and state-owned institutions. Without the collaboration of our godfathers/godmothers we would not be able to accomplish our mission.
  • • Thank you for your commitment. Thank you for believing in recovery, education and in the possibility that SOMETHING MAY START TO CHANGE.
  • How are your contributions allocated?

  • Contributions by godparents are specifically allocated to health, binge eating and recovery treatments provided to the children and adolescents of our Institution who are under a risk situation.
  • Si quieres más información sobre nuestras cuentas, puedes solicitar nuestra Memoria y Balance Anual.
  • For more information about our accounts, our Annual Report and Balance Sheet is made available for the public.
  • For donations from abroad, please request the relevant forms.
  • You may deduct 5% from Income Taxes in Argentina.
  • We will keep you posted
    At EL ALMENDRO we believe transparency to be a fundamental value and we deem necessary to keep all our godparents informed about the manner in which their contributions are being used. Therefore, we will keep you updated of the actions we carry out through:

  • Our e-mails: comunicacion@elalmendro.org.ar
  • Our web site: www.elalmendro.org.ar
  • Our profiles in social networks: facebook
  • Furthermore, you are most welcomed at Risso Patrón 63 (Av. Rivadavia 10600) Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires.
  • Call as at 4642-7602